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Professional Garden Curb Edging in Calgary, AB and Surrounding Areas

Enhance the beauty of your home by adding a perfectly manicured look to your outside this year with garden curb edging. Have you ever walked towards someone’s front door wishing your gardens looked as good as theirs?

Now, with the assistance of Beast Designs, you too can achieve gorgeous gardens expertly finished with our concrete edging. Our durable, attractive edging creates a pleasing look to last for years to come. Just think, by creating a breathtaking look in your gardens and yard, you can be the envy of your guests and neighbors!

Garden Curb Edging, Okotoks, AB

Garden Curb Edging

Beautiful garden concrete edging gives you a unique look that will last for years to come.

Having concrete edging eliminates weeds and shifting of traditional landscaping bricks. 

Walk-Way Curb Edging, Okotoks, AB

Walk-Way Curb Edging

Concrete curb can also be used beside any residential walk way. This adds curb appeal to the whole yard, dividing gardens, grass, and walk-way. 

Outside Curb Lighting, Okotoks, AB

Outside Curb Lighting

WOW! Adding rope lighting to your concrete curb shows off your greatest creation! Not only can you enjoy when the sun is up, you can enjoy your curb and night.

Add More Curb Appeal with Concrete Walk Way and Lawn Edging

Think of all the time you will save having garden curb and concrete lawn edging throughout your yard and gardens. No longer will you have to spend hours trying to adjust your stone edging to pick the weeds that inevitably grow between them. Spend more time with your friends and family and less time painstakingly digging up grass and unwanted plants that have invaded your gardens with your new concrete curbs and edging. 

With many design styles to choose from, why not carry on the concrete edging to your walkways? By dividing your gorgeous gardens, grass borders, and enhancing your sidewalks, this is an easy way to add eye-catching curb appeal to your home. 
At Beast Designs in Calgary, AB we create our curbs on site with minimal impact on the surrounding landscape and are generally installed within one or two days for residential curbs. Enjoy your very own durable curbs that you will be proud of for years to come. Our unique curbing is the ultimate cost-effective and low maintenance way to: 
Beautify Your Yard, Prevent Erosion, Improve Irrigation to Your Flower Beds, Complement Any Current Landscaping

Add Aesthetically Pleasing Curb Lighting to Your Edging Throughout

Give your house that pleasing glow at night and show off your greatest creation by adding rope lighting to your lawn, walkway, and concrete garden edging. Beast Designs also offers rope lighting to all your curbs. Enhance the perimeter of your driveway, sidewalk, and gardens with our rope lighting, perfect for any location. Now, not only can you enjoy the look of your outdoor space when the sun is up, but you can also enjoy your curb at night too. 

If you are ready to increase your property value with beautiful low maintenance edging, call or email us for more information and to set up your free estimate today. 

Contact us at Beast Designs to learn more about our concrete edging for your home. We proudly serve Calgary, AB and the surrounding areas. 


Maple Leaf Stamped, Edging Okotoks, AB

Maple Leaf Stamped

Mowers Edge

Acreage Driveway 

Low Angle Curb

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